The Sun Is Out, The Sky is Blue-ish

Kevin Kisner walks off the #13 green during the first round of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, Thursday, April 11, 2019, in Augusta, Georgia. [ANDY NELSON/FOR THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE]

Brooks Koepka’s comments after his opening 66 Thursday at the Masters reminded me of those Tiger Woods used to make.

Because he teed off in the last threesome of the first round a reporter asked if he’d paid attention to the scores shot earlier in the day.

Koepka watched a few holes to check out hole locations and see how putts breaking.

“But I mean, I could care less what other people are doing. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m there to play a round of golf, and whatever they do isn’t going to affect me.

Later, he was asked if he’d paid any attention to comments Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee made earlier in the week, criticizing Koepka for losing 20 pounds as he prepared for a . Chamblee, never bashful about sharing his opinion, called it “the most reckless self sabotage that I have ever seen of an athlete in his prime.”

Koepka’s responded with his 66 and these comments: “Well, I lift all the time. I lift too many weights, and I’m too big to play golf. And then when I lose weight, I’m too small. So, I don’t know (laughter). I don’t know what to say. I’m too big and I’m too small. Listen, I’m going to make me happy. I don’t care what anybody else says. I’m doing it for me, and obviously it seems to work.”

He glanced over at the leaderboard before the last phrase.

Here’s a quick recap of the first round for Forbes Sports

Tiger drove it better but missed a half-dozen quite makeable putts in a 2-under 70.

The bigger, badder 5th hole was big and bad on Thursday, ranking 4th most difficult on the course.

Alan Shipnuck sat down with Jack Nicklaus, the man who knows more than anyone about the Masters and Augusta National Golf Club.

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